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3 Principles

The Three Principles, originally discovered by Sydney Banks, explain how human experience is formed within each person moment-to-moment.

Mind:  the personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. The Universal mind – the formless, spiritual energy of the universe is constant and unchanging.

Consciousness: the power that enables us to experience reality. The purer our thoughts are the higher the state of consciousness we live in.

Thought: Thought on its own is a completely neutral gift. Individual thoughts are like the artists brush. They create a personal picture of the reality we live in. Our feelings are a barometer of how our thoughts are being utilised.

An explanation of the principles (written by Elsie Spittle) is:

These Three Principles work in unison and explain every experience, from joy to despair. Knowing this enables one to make wiser choices and to live a life of peace and contentment. Understanding how the principles work allows people to walk away from a troubled past and to rise above adverse circumstances.

Nearly four decades of this understanding in practice has demonstrated that people can create rewarding, healthy personal and professional lives. The simplicity and depth of the principles are having a dramatic effect on many fields of endeavor, including mental health care, medicine, education, business, drug and alcohol treatment, the criminal justice system, and a wide range of youth programs.

Since the principles are Universal, all people have the same potential for mental well-being, no matter what their circumstances.



“What is Mind, Consciousness and Thought? ~ Syd Banks.

Mind is the intelligence of all things; Consciousness makes you aware; and Thought is like the rudder of a ship. It guides you through life and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life far better than you ever imagined. You can go from one reality to another. You can find your happiness and when illusionary sadness comes from memories, you don’t try to figure it out. Please don’t try to do that – you’ll get yourself in trouble. All you have to do is realize that it’s Thought.

The second you realize that it’s Thought, you are touching the very essence of psychological experience. You’re back to the “now,” you’re back to happiness. So don’t get caught up on a lot of details…

When you’re ready, you will find what you’re looking for. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you are. If you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert…and it’s time for you to find the answer, the right person will appear in the middle of the desert and let you know. He will say something to you that will trigger something inside you.

And that’s where that life comes from…inside out. It’s spiritual knowledge. It’s there, everybody has it and people don’t realize that. There’s no human being more spiritual than you-everybody is equal.

And you know what the equality is? That we all derive from Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

That’s the equalizer. And while you have that equalizer you’re as good as anybody on this earth, you’re as holy as anybody else on this earth. You always have been, always will be, the only thing is you don’t see it because of your thoughts.” ~ Syd Banks